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Silk Fashion - Design Studio is a specialist in making clothing patterns and the associated size gradations. The clothing patterns are created digitally and optimized for clothing production.

The Clothing Pattern

No clothing pattern, no clothing. Every piece of garment needs a clothing pattern, or as it is also called; the cutting pattern. Silk Fashion has the latest software for making clothing patterns and makes them only in the digitally way.

Clothing patterns can be created using professional Tech packs. Often this is not necessary at all and a well-developed design with detailed specific design features is sufficient. The fabric also influences the patterns and is therefore included in the specifications insofar as the fabrics are already known. Any adjustments will be made later when the final substances are known and production starts.

It is no longer possible to work with paper patterns, digital clothing patterns for the production of clothing are the standard. Whether the fabrics are cut by hand or with an automated cutting robot, a digital pattern is always required. With the digital clothing patterns, a cutting layout is created before cutting the fabrics. The width of the fabric is optimized as completely as possible to prevent cutting loss. Striped, checked fabrics and fabrics with a repeating print are also taken into account.

Creating size specifications and size charts

The measurements recorded in the cartridge ultimately determine the fit of the item. A well-made clothing pattern determines whether a garment is comfortable to wear. The difference in dimensions per size, the grading of the size, are recorded in a size specification and/or size table.

Convert handmade clothing patterns to digital

Silk Fashion can convert handmade paper patterns into digital patterns. If necessary, these can be optimized and graded according to a standard gradation or brand-specific gradation. To achieve optimal sizing.

Silk Fashion charges a standard hourly rate for making clothing patterns. For our current prices, see our price specifications page.


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