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Silk Fashion - Design Studio has a complete service system to develop your garment or clothing collection idea up to and including production. We help at all stages, or only where you need help. Our 4 step plan simplifies the way to our own clothing line or clothing collection for the webshop, retail, catering and sports clubs.

The Pattern for cloth

The phase in which the pattern of a garment is made is step 2, in the Silk Fashion 4 step-plan, the phase after step 1 in which the design was made. If you already have a detailed plan with hand or digital patterns, you can go directly to step 3, making a clothing sample. If there is no choice in fabrics and haberdashery, we can help you to choose the best materials for your fashion design. Silk Fashion has in her studio many fabric and haberdashery samples, from large and smaller suppliers, to view and feel.

The Pattern (cut Pattern)

When all designs and designs have been worked out, a pattern is needed to actually make the item. The patterndrawing determines how the fabric should be cut by scissors or cut by laser. Silk Fashion works with professional software (CADCAM) to turn your clothing design into a digital pattern. These files meet all global standards to locally print and use the digital patterns at the production site. These files have also been optimized for laser cutting.

During making patterns, it is important to allow for the fabrics that will be used. By optimizing the patterns we prevented losses fabric by the cut. This also takes account by checkfabrics, striped fabrics and fabrics with a repeating print.


Making size specifications and size charts

The fixed dimensions in the pattern ultimately determine the fit of the article. The difference in large per size must also be recorded in a size specification and / or size charts.

Transform handmade clothing patterns into digital

If you have your own drawed design, Silk Fashion can process it in a digital pattern. We can also convert handmade patterns into digital patterns with the desired different sizes.

The file formation

If ultimately a clothing production is required on the basis of the design and pattern, Silk Fashion will also submit a necessary dossier as accompanying production documents.

The next steps

When there is a design and the patterns are created, the most logical next step is to bring the design of the garment or fashion accessory to life. This can be one piece for personal use or before a production of larger numbers takes place, a cloth sample.

According to the Silk Fashion step-by-step plan, making a fashiondesign is step 1, and making the patterns, step 2. After making the patterns, dress samples or clothing samples can be made in step 3. After which in step 4 the final production can take place.


Silk Fashion uses a standard hourly rate for making patterns, it takes more time to work out a complicated design, and it takes less time to work out a simple design in a clothing pattern. Look for our current prices on our page with price specifications.


Contact us for an introduction, we can be reached by calling 0610931477

No garment or fashion item is unknown to us
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STEP 3 Fashionsampling


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