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Silk Fashion - Design Studio has a full service system to develop your garment or clothing collection idea up to and including production. We help at all stages, or only where you need help. Our 4 step plan simplifies the way to our own clothing line or clothing collection for the webshop, retail, catering and sports clubs.

Clothing production

The final step in the process of realizing a garment or clothing collection is production and packaging. This is step 4 in the Silk Fashion 4 step plan. Silk Fashion has its own (production) atelier in the Netherlands and supervises clothing productions in Europe where quality control is managed by us.

Clothing production in the Netherlands

Silk Fashion produces clothing in its own workshop in the Netherlands and has a maximum capacity of 20,000 pieces per year.  In our workshop we have a current number of machines and offer a wide diversity. The studio offers many opportunities for young designers and brands who want to quickly test their collections on the market.

Clothing production management in Europe

We supervise clothing productions and carry out the production management. We only work with clothing producers in Europe, which are covered by European law. Due to the history of our employees, we have a large network of clothing producers in Eastern Europe with a very wide range in specialism. Every producer has his own product specific knowledge and possesses the necessary machinery for this. We know these producers and work directly with them without the intervention of local agents. This has a big price advantage. In addition, we speak various Eastern European languages ​​which gives clear and easy communication.

Fast deliveries and lead-times for clothing productions
From design to supply shop and webshop, speeding up is needed in this days. Production in Europe makes fast delivery possible without troublesome and costly customs clearance at borders. Because Silk Fashion itself supervises the productions and carries out the production management at the production site, it checks whether the agreements made are met and the quality requirements are met. And of course that it is also made there where agreed, this is very important for certified productions. This allows you to have your fashion items produced at Silk Fashion without any worries. For all kind of production we have the right location to produce with al sustainablelabels and -certifications you want.

Sustainable Passport for clothing productions

Silk Fashion has developed its own Sustainable Passport. This specially developed Passport has been developed beacuase of the quaestion from our customers. There is more demand for clothing items that exactly tells what materials are used in the article and where the article was made. This Sustainable Passport therefore records all materials used with their parts, certifications and residual value, for a transparent Supply chain and the product life cycle.

Prices for clothing production
Silk Fashion uses a standard hourly rate for production in its own workshop. Look for our current prices on our price specification page. Of course you will always receive a specified quote in advance.


Questions about clothing production or do you want to plan an introductory appointment, please contact us. Or call directly on telephone number 0610931477







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